About Us

The Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe(MRD) Federal Green Party Riding Association shares these values with Green parties around the world.

* Social Justice
* Grassroots Democracy
* Nonviolence
* Community-Based Economics
* Gender Equality
* Personal and Global Responsibility


The MRD riding became officially registered with Elections Canada in the fall of 2008 and has grown in size with expanded membership, participation in every Federal Election since registering and developing a footprint in our riding.


Working to expand our values, we use practical hands on work in the community meeting with constituents and discussing the topics that face our riding.  Members have taken the time to present films such as Gasland, Food Inc and Chasing Ice to help educate people on the risks of Fracking and importance of Local Food and Climate Change.


The Green Party is not like any other political party.   Add your name to our email list to keep up to date on an upcoming event or one of our open meetings and learn how grassroots democracy can rescue us from the old line parties.


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